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SERDAR PLASTİK, since its establishment in 1973 by the CEO İLHAMİ TÜTEK, has been improving in the field of plastic parts design, mold making, injection molding and assembly, not only in terms of production facilities, but also in terms of technical know-how with its knowledge and experience. 

These capabilities enable us to improve and keep a solid and reliable place in the plastic component production industry.

All staff from the top to the shop floor at SERDAR PLASTİK use their knowledge and experience to satisfy customer expectations in terms of the quality, just-in-time delivery and competitive pricing. 

All business relationships formed with SERDAR PLASTİK are viewed as more than customer – supplier relationships; they are viewed as long-term, reliable and profitable partnerships for both parties. We have more than 30 patents. 

Keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level and continue to improve, is the main responsibility for all of the members of our team.

To earn the complete trust of our customers and to become their number 1 preference.

To provide competitive designs and products to the whole world by combining our near 40 years of know-how and experience by advanced technologies that are respectful to the humanity and the environment.

We are committed to make innovative products and process designs for keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level unconditionally by using alternative production methods and technologies that can make our customers' lives easier,


To supply the leading products of the plastic industry by making innovative solution in terms of cost and quality, minimizing the risks with process analysis by the participation of all our employees,


To provide always proactive solutions in processes by reviewing risk analysis of environmental dimensions, by adopting total quality, work safety and environmental cultures as the whole team to prevent injuries, health deteriorations and pollution,


To improve continuously material quality and costs of purchased products and raw materials considering the potential impacts on the environment and human health with our suppliers,


To improve continuously our team and integrated management system to catch our targets in reaching our vision by using our resources in the most efficient way,


To make "SERKO" products a world brand and upgrade continuously their reputable image on the market by offering products beyond expectations in agricultural equipment and working machinery industry,


To fulfillment liabilities from the national, international and sectoral regulations we are subject to, related legislation, standards and contracts; to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the information of our customers, suppliers and employees in accordance with information security requirements; to increase the awareness of information security and to ensure its continuity throughout our company.

  • 1973: Establishment of SERDAR PLASTIK in Ata Sanayi (100 m2)
  • 1975: First OEM customer and first export to Italy
  • 1982: Moving to Ostim Industrial Area (600 m2)‏‏
  • 1984: Establishment of Mold Making Department
  • 1985: Changing the local status to Limited Company
  • 1985: Establishment of SERKO for the production of mechanical (store, vertical, jaluzi) curtains
  • 1992: Quality system is established according to ISO9000
  • 1992: Starting to use CAD/CAM systems in mold making
  • 1996: Moving to Sincan Industrial Area E1 (5,000 m2)
  • 1996: Starting to the post operation investments (tampon printing, UW, etc)‏
  • 1996: First High Speed Cutting machine
  • 1998: ISO9000 Certification
  • 1998: Starting to design SERKO products
  • 1999: First 2K stop lens is produced
  • 1999: Starting to sell SERKO products, completely new design and patented for off road vehicles
  • 2003: ISO/TS16949:2002 Certification
  • 2003: Starting to the construction of E2
  • 2004: Starting to invest full electrical injection molding machine
  • 2004: E2 factory has started to work (total area 12,000 m2)
  • 2004: Establishment of MOLDTECH and GROUPTECH
  • 2006: Starting to the construction of E3
  • 2008: E3 factory has started to work (total area 24,000 m2)
  • 2008: Starting the metallization, painting and hard coating processes
  • 2009: Photometric laboratory is established
  • 2010: ISO1400 & ISO18000 Certification